UK Visa information for visitors to Britain

Depending on the nationality of your passport you may be required to have a valid UK visa for entry to the UK for any purpose. In fact, some the holders of some passports (eg. South African) will even require a transit visa to travel through a UK airport en route to another destination. To find out whether you need a visa then check out this tool provided by the UK Borders Agency.

The cost of a Visa varies from country to country and increases from there depending on the duration of your stay and the purpose of your visit. Clearly, it can add a substantial amount to the overall cost of your trip overseas.

Visitors to the UK who need a visa should plan ahead since it can take two weeks or more for the visa application process once the visa application and required documentation is submitted. In some cases you may be required to attend an interview which will definitely lengthen the process.

Useful Links:

We have found you some useful resources on the Web to determine whether you need a UK visa and, if so, where to go and what to do.

Firstly, this useful tool will help you determine whether you need a UK tourist visa or something similar. If you do need a British visa then this page has all the information on how to apply. 

 Tips for when you are travelling:

If you have a valid passport and UK visa, you will normally be granted entry to the UK. When you arrive in Britain the visa will tell the UK immigration official the reason you are travelling to Britain, how long you are allowed to stay and the last day you are allowed entry.

UK immigration officials are normally friendly but are well trained and serious about their job. There are strict rules and procedures which they need to follow so be polite and answer all questions clearly and you should not have a problem!

Other useful websites:

The official Brisith Visitor website

The official UK Visa site of the British Home Office

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