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There are so many things to do in England that a visitor should not spend their whole budget on accommodation and leave plenty to enjoy the unique things that England, and the rest of the UK, has to offer. There is a vast range of value for money accommodation in London, England and the rest of the UK, and searching through the Internet you will be able to find lots of comfortable and conveniently located hotel accommodation to fit your budget.

Plan Ahead - The Key to finding great England Travel Deals

The best way to find England Travel Deals including hotels in London or other parts of the UK is to start planning ahead. The more time you have to research locations, plan an itinerary and compare travel deals, the more chance you will find the best accommodation rates available. It is also important to note that in peak holiday periods in England and the UK, rooms booked well in advance are almost always less expensive than accommodation booked at the last minute. You should also bear in mind that it may also be very difficult to find any London Hotel accommodation at all in during peak times.

Travelling within England and the UK - a good deal or convenience?

There are generally 4 ways to get around within the UK - rail, coach, private car and domestic flights. There are pros and cons to each but here are a few tips for each.

  • UK Rail Travel: This is typically very expensive unless you book an APEX fair well in advance. Even with an APEX fare there are often travel restrictions which might make a journey very inconvenient. As a guide, a standard return fare from London to Liverpool could set you back around £200!

  • Coach and Bus Travel: By far the best travel deals in England and the UK are to be had on the coaches and buses - the two most popular are National Express and Megabus. The major disadvantage of this mode of transport is time - buses and coaches are slow and subject to traffic delays.

  • Private car and UK Car Hire: Travelling by car is by far the most convenient way to get around - freedom to come and go as you please and it can also be very cost effective - especially for a family or party of 4 people. One important tip: Don't bother renting a car in London - it is difficult to get around in the traffic and very expensive to park (if you can find parking at all). In addition, with the London Congestion Charge you have to spend £8 before you go anywhere!

  • UK Air Travel: Great for getting long distances quickly, domestic UK Air Travel can be quite pricey (but not as bad as UK Rail Travel). Good for getting from London to Aberdeen but the Airport "overhead" (getting there, check-in etc) makes it a little silly for getting from London to Birmingham.

England Travel Deals - Stay off of the beaten track

Another way to maximise your travel budget is to look for hotel accommodation away from the most popular areas. For example, in London you can get great value hotels just a little bit out of the centre for a different London experience with the West End and other London Attractions within easy reach. Using London as an example there are some great attractions outside the centre such as Kew Gardens, The Neasden Temple and Hampstead Heath.

Even if your holiday is still months away, start looking for England Travel Deals now – you could get some really good deals by booking ahead. StayinUK is a good starting point for UK, England and London hotels deals with a best price guarantee on all UK Hotel Bookings. Visit the site to find and book cheap hotels in London and other parts of the UK.

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